Current Portfolio

This is the most extensive collection of Snowpals pictures on the website. I will add pictures from the New Snowbuddies Page as they get replaced with newer pictures. Click on any picture to see a larger version, complete with a description. Usually I tell you about my inspiration for the picture in the description (my household chores or my grandkids for example), but I encourage you to see your own friends and family in the Snowpals.


8 Responses to “Current Portfolio”

  1. Sister Says:

    Sister, you can always make me smile with your snowpals. How about a sister theme? You could be telling a funny animated story and I could be the one laughing my head off. Miss you sis!

  2. Karen Brennan Says:

    These are far out! Winter is my favorite season. Snow is my favorite “toy”. I love the calm, quiet and profound feeling of winter and snow. My favorite time of year to sit and read outside too. Thank you Queen Karen for sharing.

  3. Vicki Kluever Says:

    These are darling! You definitely need to market these! Get your “Made in Alaska” permit and get these into Friday Fling in Palmer, or Alaskan Crafters in Wasilla, or someplace where everyone will see them!

    Thanks Queen Karen, for the forward. Love them!

  4. CHIP STRONG Says:

    We really enjoyed all these, being here in Texas where it is close to 100 degrees now!! Looks like a lot of work. Very impressive. Miss you all–Chip & Sharon Strong

  5. Lee Lansinger Says:

    Laughing aloud while looking at your complete collection. Wonderful having you just down the hill. Hope we get some snow next year so you will continue to be inspired.

    • snowbuddies Says:

      So glad you looked at the whole collection, Lee, and that you enjoyed them so much. That is the reason I keep making them year after year; I work for laughs! One week of winter (snow) and I’ll be happy :).

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